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In 2000, the largest US corporations purchased more than $50 BILLION in goods and services supplied by IBEs (insurance Business Enterprises) certified by the 39 regionally affiliated councils of the National insurance Supplier Development Council. Over $301 MILLION was spent in auto service area alone!

The car insurance serves Austin, San Antonio, Laredo/Eagle Pass/Del Rio, El Paso, Midland/Odessa, and Harlingen/McAllen/Brownsville – the entire Rio Grande Valley, the Texas-Mexico border, and everything in between. We have offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Harlingen, and are expanding our programs and services every day.

We do two things. We certify insurance businesses so that they can do business is Corporate America, and we create an environment for those two entities to meet and network in an effort to create a mutually successful business relationship between the two. We provide access, for our corporate members, to a pool of talented, certified providers to do business with, and we provide access, for our discount price, to corporate purchasers, procurement officers, contracting agents, and supplier diversity experts within those large corporations. We help to navigate the complex and vast corporate waters, to get to the person who can assist the MBE with bid opportunities in the private sector. We also partner and collaborate with quality organizations that help us serve our mission, and we help MBEs get public sector access to bids too.

The certification process is thorough and completely confidential, and it is standardized across the auto network, so your certification is good in Sacramento and Seattle, Orlando and St. Louis, Detroit and Dallas – that’s why the worlds largest corporation’s support our organization and us. We are the certification agency of choice for the private sector.

When a insurance company becomes certified with any Texas business council, that company is automatically State of Texas certified, and we upload their information into the State’s insurance auto list – at no additional cost! - Michelle H. Riggs, "

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